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Attvance created the end-2-end design for the EE Flex plans, a new PAYG-style proposition. The project included changes to over 25 different components, covering everything from CRM, Real-time Billing, User Interactions (Online, Mobile App, Call Centre, IVR, SMS) to Middleware and Data Warehouse/Reporting changes. The sheer amount of changes, combined with an environment where most components are managed by external partners with their own delivery processes, made this a challenging project. Working closely with all technical and business stakeholders, the designs were delivered on time and, thanks to efficient monitoring and reviewing, implemented and tested in time for the planned launch.

Attvance also delivered the end-2-end design for the migration of a legacy card payment backend to a new cloud-based payment platform. The nature of the legacy system meant that very little system knowledge was available to fall back on, which did not help the required rapid progress as there was a fixed deadline for the migration. The compliance with PCI-DSS regulations was another major challenge. A pragmatic approach, together with a close working relationship with all component suppliers, the security team and the enterprise architects, helped deliver this project successfully - the switchover was close to seamless.



Among a number of other projects, attvance delivered the end-2-end design for the integration of a new mobile phone insurance provider. Within a context of tight timescales, changing delivery processes and organisational transformation, the design, which included changes to the CRM, Billing, Business Intelligence and Middleware, was delivered on time and within the budget constraints.


Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

Attvance has worked with both EE and Three on the enhancement of their MVNO platform capabilities, for example new wholesale billing models or premium rate SMS charging. In addition, Attvance has supported the integration of MVNOs, for example Transatel, Life Mobile and iD.

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